Latvija pēc 50 gadiem

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Angļu valodas stundā mēs, 10. un 11. klases skolēni, izvēlējāmies tēmu “Latvija pēc 50 gadiem”. 2072.gadā mēs būsim 66-67 gadus veci, un tas bija izaicinājums aprakstīt Latviju pēc tik daudz  gadiem. 
Katrs no mums, izmantojot iztēli, analizējot esošo situāciju politikā, izglītībā, ekoloģijā, medicīnā, uzrakstīja savu vīziju – kāda būs mūsu valsts pēc 50 gadiem.
Tika pieminēti un aprakstīti dažādi dzīves aspekti. Mēs skatāmies nākotnē un ticam, ka pēc 50 gadiem Latvijā būs attīstītas augstās tehnoloģijas, medicīna, izglītība kļūs efektīvāka, tiks atrisinātās ekoloģiskās problēmas. Daži no mums pieminēja, ka, neskatoties ne uz ko, Latvijai nav jāzaudē sava identitāte un skaistums. Visumā, nākotne sanāca diezgan spīdoša.
Pēc darba pabeigšanas mums ir iespēja organizēt pasākumu “Stunda Lasītavā” un palasīt viena otra esejas, salīdzināt idejas un padiskutēt. Tas ir diezgan interesanti.
Šeit ir dažas mūsu idejas:

  • “We need to do everything so that our state continues to carry the title of a great country. Each of us has a share of responsibility for the future, but some tend to believe that nothing depends on them. Actually it is not.”
  • ”People will clean our entire country from garbage, it will be very clean and beautiful on the streets, there will be no homeless people, because the prices will be very affordable and everyone will have a job. There will also be no homeless animals, because everyone will have their own owner and a place where they will live. “
  • ”I think that in 50 years everyone will have their own personal assistant. Each person will have a bracelet on which there will be a small button and if you press it, a small character will appear next to you in the form of a holography. This little galographic character can be made by yourself, that is, you can choose the size, appearance, clothes, character, voice.”
  • ”Latvia will once again become the greenest country in Europe. Beautiful nature is well-kept in Latvia. When people cut down the forests, they will replant after cutting down so that the forests regenerate and not leave an empty area. Rivers and lakes will be beautifully cleaned, fish populations will be restored in them.”
  • ”I think that human rights will be more developed and that orientation, race, sex and gender will not be questioned, and that people will become more corrupt and will not insult each other for being “not like everyone else”. In 50 years, all unrecognized people will die out and life will become much better. Also, I hope that for violation of human rights, they will be executed in the most sophisticated ways.”
  • ”In Latvia also there will be over medicine. In surgery, robots will be used for complex support. It will be possible to print organs from bio components on a 3D printer, which will cost little and every resident of Latvia will be able to cure his disease.”
  • ”I wish Latvia all the best – growth, good success, and a great future. I will keep my thumbs up, whatever day, we can all be glad to be born here.”
  • ”We all know that Old Riga is valued for its old-fashioned look. Therefore, I believe that roads and houses will definitely not change, because this is what distinguishes it from other cities. But probably the renovation will still be done, because many buildings have not been renovated yet.”


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